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AJ Piovesan PA-C

Optimize You Network Director

Are you tired of Sick Care Medicine? Bouncing from one specialist to another with a very long list of medications without relief?

Optimize You Network provides a systematic approach to discovering why the body is exhibiting particular signs and symptoms instead of focusing only on the presenting symptoms.

We look at the human body as a whole, rather than individual parts that are independent of one another. All of the cells in the body have to interact and will react to any imbalances or changes in those cells which can create symptoms of pain, fatigue, sleeping challenges, concentration issues, depression, anxiety, anger, fear or signs of weight gain, unintended weight loss, premature aging, muscle loss, and even difficulties performing simple tasks of daily living.

At OYN we provide comprehensive testing, bio-identical medication management, non-narcotic pain management, minimally invasive procedures, nutritional guidance, weight loss, physical performance enhancement, and supplementation.

We have a network of clinics to meet your geographical and medical needs while experiencing excellent customer service from caring and dedicated professionals.

If you prefer to remain in the comfort of your own home, we can discuss your needs via telemedicine.

Why not experience a level of health care that treats you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms that are typically treated with toxic medications, most likely creating side effects, without addressing the underlying cause of your symptoms.

At OYN you won’t be just another patient and given a pill for an ill, we will help you to overcome the cause of your symptoms and achieve a healthier, more active lifespan.

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Providers in Our Network

5721 Norman H Cutson
Orlando, Florida. 32821

Phone: 541-290-9639
Fax: 407-778-4217

407) 543-1270
771 Ciara Creek Cove
Longwood, FL 32750

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